Finding Inner Peace: 6 Ways to have peace of mind

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peace of mindPeace is lacking all around us. I can’t think of one country or neighbourhood that is 100% peaceful. It seems as if the world and peace go in different directions. Think of the wars – cold wars too, the crazy politics. Think of celebrities and social media users going against each other. What about those protests that turn into violence? Or family drama? Our world can never be peaceful. Nevertheless, we can achieve inner peace…or peace of mind.

Peace of mind has nothing to do with the happenings of our world. You remember the quote you can’t give out something you don’t have? Well, let me rephrase that: you can’t give peace if you don’t have peace. This means that if you really want to feel at peace in your immediate surrounding, your place of influence or whatever, you need to have peace. Our world will never be quiet, there’d never be a time when there isn’t some sort of drama going around us. Why? Because many people lack inner peace and it reflects in their environment.

Before something reflects in our surrounding or in our lives, there has to be work done internally. We have to be transformed on the inside first. I remember when someone asked me what I think peace is. I told him that peace to me is when even in the midst of chaos, my spirit is at rest. So that is our focus today. How do you achieve a peaceful spirit?

But first, what are the benefits of inner peace?

Three Main Benefits of Having Peace of Mind

1) It is good for our emotional, physical, mental health. This is self-explanatory. When your spirit isn’t bothered, you are safe from a lot of health issues like high blood pressure, depression, stress and anxiety, and headaches.

2) It betters our relationships. Peaceful people usually have the best relationships – with spouses, partners, friends, colleagues, etc. Your inner peace will reflect in your relationships hence making for an almost frictionless relationship.

3) Optimism: We really can’t go very far in life if we aren’t optimistic. Optimism pushes us to believe the best, to want the best and to repeatedly believe that all is well. Peace of mind doesn’t give way to pessimistic thoughts.

Finding Inner Peace

For more than 7 months, I have experienced inner peace. Here are what I did and what you need to do to achieve that.

1) Mediation: the importance of meditation can’t be overemphasized. It enhances our attention span, helps clear our minds, and obviously provides us with some peace and quiet. Meditate as often as you can.

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2) Let go of Negativity: Nothing is as draining as being surrounded by negative people with negative vibes. The people you surround yourself with affect your life. If they are negative minded, you will definitely have a negative mindset and negative mindsets do not go in the same direction with peace of mind.

3) Mind Your Business: Many people are lacking in this department. The business of minding your business is one you can never go wrong in. Invest in it. Minding your business relieves you of unnecessary stress, arguments and pressure. To be happy, to remain in peaceful bliss, you must activate your mind-your-business system because not only does it relieve you of all these, it also indicates that you’re an intelligent fellow.

4) Try Having a Pattern: Having a pattern helps check you and it keeps you organized. When you are organized and in ‘control’ of what happens in your day, there’s always this feeling of calm. I began writing my daily activities in 2018 and it has helped me to not feel overwhelmed. My schedule for the day is usually rigidly flexible meaning that while there is a definite pattern for my day, I can always ensure that there’s space to fix in anything that may just spring up.

5) Try Not to Overthink Things: People who analyze things too much are overthinkers and they never seem to catch a break. People who overthink are usually bothered about things – little and big things and this very act doesn’t give space to just letting go and experiencing peace and quiet. Like, how can you say you have peace of mind when you don’t even know how to shut your mind? Instead of overthinking, how about you just meditate?

6) Grow Your Spiritual Life: Your spirit is what needs to be calm to experience inner peace. Your relationship with God is very important because it is only God who can grant you the gift of peace – the peace that passes ALL understanding. I was intentional about my relationship with Him and I can’t even begin to explain the kind of peace I have experienced.

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