5 Secrets to Being More Attractive


AttractiveBefore I start, let me just say this: everyone wants to be found attractive. It doesn’t matter your personality, religion, opinions, or gender (It’s easy to think that only girls want to be attractive. Big lie.), you just want to get attention. To be attractive means that you are pleasing to the eye. It is that you attract people in one way or another.

Wanting to have the attention of people doesn’t mean that you are an attention seeker or that you like being the centre of attraction, it just means that you are mindful of how you’re perceived.

I get that whenever we hear attraction, everyone immediately thinks of butterflies, sexy, sparks and relationships. If you’re part of those, you are not entirely wrong. But honestly, there are different types of attraction. There’s sexual attraction, physical attraction (which can also lead to sexual attraction), mental attraction and well, just plain attraction. I’ll explain soon.

When it comes to physical attraction, we talk about specs and all that. Some people have ‘types’ and are always attracted to the said type. It’s also important to note that ‘types’ are not only based on physicality. Well, sometimes you don’t need to be physically attracted to someone before you have sex with the person. How many times have we heard “He (or she) isn’t my spec but the sex is so good”? If you haven’t, I have and that is plain ol’ sexual attraction.

Mental attraction is an attraction based on the mentality of the person. Could be that he/she has a sharp mind or quotes a hundred people when conversing or . . . whatever.

This post isn’t centred on physical, sexual or mental attraction but on what I call plain attraction. It covers the qualities people generally find attractive. These qualities are what makes you stand out in job interviews, conversations, and day-to-day activities. They are like magnets and are the reason people may do a double-take at you or smile/wave at you when you. The plain attraction is just you being yourself and still shining.

Enough talking! What are these attractive qualities? What do I need to do to be attractive?!

The 5 Attractive Qualities Everyone Should Have.

loyalty1) Loyalty: I know you weren’t this! See, loyalty is a very admirable and attractive, yet overlooked quality. To be loyal is to be faithful or have undivided and constant support for someone, something, or a cause. If you are being honest, whenever you see or hear someone talk about something dear to him/her, even if you’re not in support, you will have this wow feeling. When you overhear someone say something with so much soul about a particular cause, you would always be tempted to turn around. Loyalty is attractive. If there’s anything you committed to, or are concerned about, stick to it.

2) Good Appearance: This has to do with how you look – from your hair to your shoes. Looking good doesn’t have anything to do with gender despite what anyone may say. Your look says a lot about you. You do not need to dress expensively or like Kanye or the Kardashians or even like royalty to look good. Be yourself, get your style and never forget to SMILE! Yes! Smiling is very much part of your appearance. Believe me, looking good is very attractive.

3) Intelligence: Everyone is attracted to intelligent people. Being intelligent doesn’t have anything to do with your IQ. Knowing when to keep silent, saying the right things, being open to new ideas, etc. are characters of intelligent people. Go here to know the six things you need to do to seem more intelligent.

attractive4) Success: Someone said, “Girls are attracted to successful boys and boys are attracted to attractive girls”. I call BS. I am a girl and I’m very attracted to boys who are attractive and successful (I’m sure I speak for girls too). Boys too are attracted to women who are both attractive AND successful simply because success is attractive. Success is gender-blind. It’s important to note that while success can mean different things to different people, in this context (the boy-girl stereotype), it means career success and ‘attractive’ has to do with physicality. Why would someone think boys are not attracted to career women? Success is wanted and cherished by all. Whatever you define success as be focused and strive to attain your goal(s). Everyone is attracted to a successful person – successful baker, chef, banker, homemaker…whatever you are, be successful.

5) Inner peace: Peace is a state of mind and it is very attractive. Peace, just like happiness is like perfume – people around you can perceive it. And the best part is everyone wants to be around someone who has peace of mind because it is (or rather seems to be) transferable. In all thy getting, get inner peace.

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