Dealing with Addictions


Dealing with AddictionBefore we talk about dealing with addictions, we have to know what addiction is.  Addiction is the compulsive engagement in a behaviour that is rewarding but has negative consequences. It could also be a bad/nervous habit. And is difficult to deal with.

Addiction is of different types. Did you know that apart from drugs and substances, people can also be addicted to a particular food? Or an idea? Or sex? Honestly, there are a lot of things people can get addicted to. It can be pornography, masturbation, a person, social media, alcohol, jobs, or even makeup. Granted, addictions to makeup, a person, an idea, your job are more of obsessions.

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Obsession is also compulsive and is very unhealthy. Doesn’t this sound like addiction? People who are obsessed with an idea or with someone tend to be stalkerish and will do anything to get what they want. This is the reason we hear of people stalking a celebrity or an ex or anyone their eyes are on.

Most psychopaths and sociopaths are obsessive. They usually feed on the fear of others. They are addicted to seeing people suffer, to violence, etc. Haven’t you seen documentaries where psychos say that they feel good when they see the life being seeped out of someone? Or how they love it when their victims beg for their lives?

             Reasons for Addiction

Addiction to drugsPeople get addicted and continue indulging for different reasons. I met this guy who is a weed addict. When I asked him why he was always smoking, he said that it’s because he can’t concentrate on anything if he doesn’t smoke. So he smokes before reading his books so that he can concentrate and before doing anything that requires his maximum attention. Below are some of the reasons for addiction.

  1. To Concentrate: Just as I said above, some keep on smoking or having sex or doing whatever to ‘clear their heads’. They won’t be able to focus on anything if they haven’t satisfied their need.
  2. To Forget: People go through and have gone through a lot. So many times it’s easier to forget so they indulge in their addiction – food, sex, drugs, etc.
  3. To Feel Good: Just like bullies who only feel good when they beat up someone or when someone is afraid of them, many addicts indulge to feel good about themselves. You’d be surprised at the number of people who want to be with someone just because he/she is good for their ego. This is also true for people addicted to makeup. Makeup makes them feel beautiful.
  4. To Calm Down: Many indulge to calm their nerves. Drug, food and sex addicts will always be jittery if they have been away from their addiction for long.

It’s also important to note that drugs, alcohol, sex and food provide only temporal respite.

          How People Become Addicts

addiction to social media
People too are addicted to social media and their phones

A lot of things can make one start using/indulging. The most common reasons are below.

  1. Peer Group: If your friends do it, you will soon start doing it. If you’re always around people who indulge or in places where it’s normal, you will soon start indulging. You can’t play with fire and not get burned.
  2. Stress and Pressure: Family pressure, work-related pressure, financial stress, etc. can make one start indulging. Here’s how to deal with stress and pressure.
  3. Personal trial: A lot of people get hooked on all these evils just because they decided to ‘know’ what it feels or tastes like.
  4. Bullying: People who have been bullied about their appearance usually get addicted to makeup…if it can help them. Soon enough, they start being addicted to the idea of being perfect and take to social media to help their perfection journey.

  Dealing with Addiction . . . and Obsession

Addictions and obsessions don’t just go away. You have to personally work for it. It takes lots of dedication, and strong will to overcome addictions and obsessions. Everyone at this point knows that people go to rehab centres to get clean.

And then, most people cure obsessions with healthy obsessions. It’s just like breaking a bad habit by replacing it with a positive and healthier one. For example, instead of you to smoke or eat junk, you eat a carrot.

Dealing with addiction isn’t easy at all. You must be conscious of it. Some things that you can do to help yourself are: go away from the wrong crowd, put away any material that reminds you of your addiction e.g. if you’re addicted to sex, porn, etc, do away with playboy magazine, some music videos, etc., try as much as possible to do something that will serve as a distraction, etc.

Majority of the time though, a relapse occurs. But that’s okay as long as you make up your mind to pull yourself back up.

The Sure Way to Deal with Addictions and Obsessions

A 100% sure way of dealing with addictions and obsessions, which most people overlook is getting to know God. A lot of people do not know the healing power of God. He will cure you completely, including your urge! And He does it with so much love and zero judgment.

Forget what society says, forget your grievances against God, He is your only hope and way. He wants you to come to Him. So go here to know more about Him and go get yourself a Bible!

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