5 Ways to Enhance Attention


How to Enhance AttentionWelcome back to my diary! To flip back, go here.

We need to enhance our attention. It feels as though I just woke up from the previous week because I can’t even remember more than half of what happened this week. It’s not because this week was short of its 168 hours but that I just didn’t pay a lot of attention this week. The 2 major lessons I learnt  this week:

  • *We generally do not pay a lot of attention
  • *Time flies

Every one of us likes to be paid attention to – whenever we speak, either to crowds or in personal discussions, and when we have needs. Who doesn’t like an attentive partner or friend or parent or whomever? We love attention! It makes us feel important. So, if we love it so much, why isn’t it easy for us to give it?

Think about it. Isn’t it a little bit like being stingy? It’s like we have a wealth of attention and yet find it hard to give out…at least to the right things.

Zigie, what exactly are you saying? I’m saying that we are stingy with our attention not because we don’t give it out, but because we give it out to the wrong things. Our world is so busy, so distracting. And as we go through this craziness called life, if we’re not careful, we will get distracted from the things that should be of utmost importance to us. Like our goal(s), purpose, family, friends, and God. Yes, God.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Lemme ask you these. How many times have you reached out to our phones immediately we wake up? How many times have you been sucked into the land of social media, liking and commenting on the pictures of celebrities and others? And do you know the crazy thing? Social media isn’t the only thing that distracts us.

We can get distracted by anything. By our dreams/ambition, our jobs, family, friends, etc. I know you’re like huh? I thought you said these are the important things!? I’ll explain it. Did you know that sometimes we are so focused on our goals, ambitions, jobs, etc. that we neglect our friends and family? Did you also know that sometimes we pay so much attention to our friends, family and neglect our dreams? Or that we sometimes pay attention to all these things and then neglect ourselves?

The most common and worst one is paying attention to every other area of our lives and neglecting God.

The problem isn’t that we can’t pay attention, but that we give attention to the wrong things . . . or to the right things in wrong proportions. And when we finally raise our heads enough to look around us, we’d see that time has flown by. This is why we must learn to enhance our attention span.

                           5 Things to do to enhance attention.

Time Management1. Time Management: Knowing how to manage your time is probably the best thing that will happen to you. Giving adequate time to everything that deserves your time is a blessing. There were times when I felt as if 24 hours wasn’t enough – I still feel that way sometimes – but with effective time management, I’m now able to achieve a lot in a day than I did before. You can also see this as balancing every area of your life. There has to be time for social media, for yourself, yourself, friends, ambitions, etc.

How to enhance attention2. Learn Self-control (aka self-discipline): This quality is lacking in a lot of people. We are in a generation that supports lack of control – us being free to do whatever and all that. There’s no restraint whatsoever and this has leaked into our everyday lives. Many can’t seem to refrain from giving attention to things that don’t add value to their lives. There’s true freedom in discipline.

How to enhance attention span3. Try Selflessness: Not everything should be about you – what you want, what you want to be or do, etc. take a little moment off yourself to be a listening ear to a friend, family and even God. So many times we are just so busy with ourselves that we forget the other people in our lives that need our attention. This can’t be said of God though – He doesn’t “need” our attention, giving him a little bit of our time is more for our good than His.

How to enhance attention4. Take Good Care of Yourself: We can’t pay attention to anything if we aren’t healthy. Being attentive requires a lot of energy. Eat healthily, sleep and rest adequately, exercise regularly, meditate, and do anything that makes you feel refreshed and energized.

5. Learn to Love: Anything you love, you have time for, and therefore pay attention to. So many times, the problem is that we don’t love enough – we don’t love ourselves, loved ones, God, etc. enough – so we find it difficult to pay attention to them. If you are finding it difficult to love, then you need Jesus. He is the only one with the ability to love unconditional and the only one who can teach us how to love. HE IS LOVE! If you have Him, you have love and therefore can give out love.

Learn to be more attentive to things and people around us, enjoy these moments because time flies. Enhance your attention just so that you will not miss out on a lot of things.


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