When the Wrong People Are Celebrated, Don’t Give Up!

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Have you ever wondered why it seems as though it is the wrong people that get celebrated? Or rewarded? Or why you don’t get the recognition you deserve after so much work? I have also asked myself that question a million times. A non-religious person would say that he/she deserves whatever because of his/her efforts, a Christian/religious person would say that an unbeliever shouldn’t get or be something because duh it’s an unbeliever for crying out loud!

At some time or another, we’ve thought that somebody didn’t deserve something. Not because we thought that we were the ones deserving of it, but because that particular person in question just didn’t deserve it. It happens in every area and chapter of life because wherever we find ourselves, there will always be competition.

It’s normal to want to be seen or recognized for our efforts. Its normal to find it difficult to be happy for someone who you think is not deserving of something. It means that you’re only human.

I don’t have an answer to why the wrong people seem to be the celebrated ones but one thing I can say is that no matter what happens, don’t get weary of doing the right thing. It is easier to want to stop working hard or to stop doing the right things because it gets really tiring doing something when there’s nothing to show for it.

Our world is filled with people who will do anything to be recognized. They’d turn a blind eye to the wrongs happening around, forget about their values, etc. just about do anything to get a promotion, more money, fame, popularity, favours and so on. This shouldn’t be so but it is what it is.

It is easy to turn on our values to just to get what we want. But don’t do it! It’s not worth it.

Anywhere you find yourself, always do the right thing. Stand firm in whatever you believe.  Don’t waver. Don’t add to the increasing number of people who will do anything to get something.

Here are some tips to remember if you ever feel tired of doing the right things and want to give up.

1. Your reward is coming: It may not feel like it, you may never even know what your reward is, but, it will come. Doing the right thing is always rewarded whether you feel it or not. Just believe that it will happen. And note that the reward, especially for Christians, may not always be physical or material.

2. You will be respected: Getting the respect of people is more difficult than you can imagine. You think it’s a lie, ask the Kardashians. In fact, being respected by people is a reward on its own. I personally tend to respect people who keep on doing the right things and who stand their grounds no matter how strong the temptation to do otherwise may be. Respect is more important than a lot of things and doing the right things will get you that.

3. Guilt is a horrible feeling: There are a lot of people walking around the streets covered in guilt. Among these people are some public figures, the girl/boy next door, influencers, etc. People who do the wrong things when they know the right things usually carry a lot of guilt. It’s always easier to stand your ground on what you believe is right than feel guilty.

4. God will be happy with you: At the end of the day, this should be the ultimate question we should ask ourselves: “Is God proud of me?” We need to understand that we have only one person to please and that person is not ourselves, our bosses, the society, etc. that person is God. God being happy with you is a very big reward that has accompanying rewards.

Whenever you feel so down and beat up, you could also check out for give up quotes to motivate and encourage you. My favourite give up quote is “Doing the right things will never go unrewarded”.

Our present society has made the wrong things feel right and the right things seem wrong. The lines between what is right and what is wrong have been blurred that we don’t know the difference anymore. My advice will be to give in to God’s authority and allow Him to lead, strengthen and uphold you because, you’d never be able to keep doing the right things without His help.


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