The Love of My Life


Hi there! This is the very first diary entry and I’m so happy to be telling you about the love of my life, Jesus, but believe me, you can also make Him the love of your life too.

A lot of people are confused as to who Jesus is and what He represents. In fact, a lot of Christians do not even know who He actually is which is crazy because a Christian is actually a follower of Jesus Christ. I mean, how can you not know who you are following? But I get it, a lot of people do not actually know the people they follow on the different social media platforms. You think I’m lying? Let me ask you this: how many of Kanye West’s followers actually know Kanye? They know only the things he wants them to know, the things the internet says about him because let’s face it: they are fans, not friends. A fan watches from the outside while a friend knows the personal things.

While the example above may be quite different with Jesus because no one can fully know and understand Him, it’s a good one. Some people who go to church and do Christian-like things may actually only be fans of Jesus. They don’t know Him personally. They know the songs, doctrine, quote the Bible and so on but don’t have a relationship with Him.

The Jesus-experience is different for everybody. I mean, the relationship between you and Friend A, and you with another Friend B can’t be the same.

If you’ve been following my points closely, you will understand that all I’m trying to say is that Jesus is a friend. That is all He wants to be to us. A Friend! He wants to be that person you call when you are happy, sad, frustrated, when you get a new job, or when you even want to gossip. You wants to be present at every moment in your life.

And do you know the beautiful thing about this relationship? He doesn’t back stab so you don’t need to worry about Him going behind your back, He knows everything and has the solution to every problem, and the icing on the cake is that He gives the best gifts! The interesting thing is that you need to do any hard work for His gifts; He gives them to you once you believe in and accept Him.

Did I even mention that He has the highest amount of nicknames in the world? Prince of Peace, King of Kings, I am that I am, All Sufficient, The Creator, Savior, The Healer, Provider, Protector, etc. You can also add yours! And guess what? He lives to all His names!

Just like every friendship though, you need to accept Him first. And secondly, you need to actively make it work by making time for Him. You accept Him by saying this simple prayer with your heart. : Lord Jesus, please come into my life and be my savior and friend; I believe in my heart that you died for my sin and that you resurrected on the third day. Please come and take control of every area of my life. Amen

If you said that prayer then, WELCOME TO GOD’S FAMILY! Now that you’ve made that first step, I want to encourage you to get a Bible and please go to any Bible-believing church near you. If you can’t get a hard copy Bible immediately, then you can get the software. I recommend the Devotional Bible. And if you don’t know a good church around you, then you are very free to check online! Thank Jesus for the internet! I personally love Mike Todd, T.D Jakes, Hillsong church, E.A Adeboye and Steven Furtick.

The second step as mentioned above is to actively spend time with Him to get to know Him more. The best way to do this is by studying the Bible. I recommend that you have a quiet time (maybe before you go to bed or in the mornings or whenever you want!), and that you are with a pen and a jotter to write down whatever points that speak to you. I also recommend that you ask Jesus to be with you when you are studying.

You also spend time with Him when you meditate on His word. This is very important for your spiritual growth and your relationship with Him.

I hope this article helped you! Accept Jesus today, He is life!

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