The present times have been so hectic and full of uncertainties. And because of this, there has been a lot of anxiety, stress and a general feeling of overwhelm.

While we have heard so many times that stress/anxiety is not good for our health (which is true), it’s not unavoidable because life must surely get to you. And let’s be honest, life is stressful. 

I just want to tell you that it is okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I mean, tell me why a mother of three toddlers won’t feel overwhelmed? The only thing we can do is to control it. 

The very first thing to do when you are feeling stressed is to pause and breathe. We usually feel overwhelmed because it feels like we are always on the move, always doing something. So the very first thing to do is to calm down and take a deep breath! 

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The next thing is to think of what is stressing us out. Once you have got it, think of ways to tackle that cause in such a way that you do what you are supposed to do with the minimal stress level 

Another thing to do is to declutter. Imagine coming into a bedroom (or any place) and it’s stuffy, I don’t know about you but that sight alone could disorient me. Try as much as possible to sift through your life. Ask yourself “what kind of friends do I need to keep?”, ” what can I give away to declutter my space?”, etc. Just do away with things that aren’t of any importance or help to you.

The very last thing is to try living an organised life. Get a schedule. Have time for specific and important things. Also, leave space for things that can pop up at any time so that you won’t feel too overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned.  We can’t control how our day-to-day activities will be like, but we can have a little bit of structure in our lives to reduce stress.

If you follow these steps, then you will realize that you will be more productive and that you won’t feel as overwhelmed as you were. 

You can’t expect to master these steps in a day or two, but you can expect that if you consciously practice these stress management techniques, you will be a stronger and better version of yourself.

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