What exactly does it mean to hit life’s jackpot? Picture a scenario where you are on a race and each person who finishes the race gets a prize of $500. Now, Imagine if you fall or faint or give up while running. What will happen? The answer is obvious! You won’t be getting $500.

I have met and heard of a lot of people who want the prize but don’t want to partake in the race. It’s a very big mistake.

What are the lessons we can learn from our picture? And how does this relate to life’s jackpot?

1) Now, remember that in the scenario, there’s no winner. In fact, everyone who reaches the finish line is a winner. This is how life is. There’s actually no winner in life. In fact, the loser is the one who gives up and doesn’t finish. Why is there no winner? Because our races are different. Very different.
2) Everyone is on his/her lane: No matter how fast you run, if you aren’t on your lane, you will be disqualified. Do your thing! Never, and I repeat, NEVER compare yourself with someone else. Be yourself, do your thing, and finish your race!
3) If you fall, rise again: Remember that the prize isn’t for only one person. It is for everyone who reaches the finish line. This means that, as long as you keep rising up after each fall, you will get your prize. Friends, please don’t give up! Pull yourself together and continue the race. Life’s race isn’t meant to be smooth; there will always be hurdles. The most important thing is that you don’t let the evils you face overpower you.
4) You can either crawl, walk, or run: In the scenario, there is no rule saying that everyone must run. Obviously, those who will run will arrive faster than those who walked, while those who walk will arrive earlier than those who crawled. Even if everyone decides to run, you have to realise that some have longer legs, more strength and stability, some are faster, etc.  Your time frame is different from another’s.  What someone achieved in 20 years, you may achieve in 5 years. Our timings are different! The most important thing is that you reach your goals.
In whatever we do, let’s remember that we are on a race. An individual race. We should only be in competition with ourselves and focus on our goals.
Remember that you won’t get the prize if you aren’t on the race. So, start the race to your goals and hit the jackpot!
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  1. Unknown

    04/2020 3:10 am

    This is Great!.
    Life truly is in phases and true Success is dependent on who stays on his/her Lane till the End.


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