Everyone has one deformity or another. I am yet to see someone who is perfect and free from imperfections.

There are natural deformities- born blind, deaf, dumb, etc. Some are caused by accidents like losing a leg(s), hand(s), etc. It could also be stammering. All these can be restricting. If you don’t have any physical challenge, then you should know how blessed you are!
 I stammer. I can’t say when it started but I just know I wasn’t born with it. One thing I love doing is talking- giving advise, chatting with friends/acquaintances, or whatever. Do you know how difficult and embarrassing it is to stammer when you are in the middle of saying something important? It’s restricting! Some time ago I learnt to be a skilful stammerer but, I slip up sometimes.
Now, I couldn’t stop talking because it came naturally to me. So, I learnt to control it (I also pray about it!). I basically refused to let it interfere with what I loved doing, and it worked for me! I’m still talking…happily.
The purpose of this article is to encourage you to not give up on what you desire simply because there are restrictions. The restrictions may or may not be physical; it could be financial, or lack of support from close family and friends. In fact, it could also be us restricting ourselves from doing what we love doing.
I want you to fight and struggle with everything inside of you to get what you want. Come on people, We don’t win by giving up! Okay, lemme tell you this. When I was really down because of the whole stammering thing, I went online to check for famous people who stammer. I was surprised to find that Winston Churchill was one of them.
Look around you, that problem that is restricting you from doing your thing, someone has already overcome that particular restriction. Yes, there’s nothing we are going through now that someone hasn’t gone through before…and conquered.
So please, dear readers, give no chance to anything that is discouraging you from attaining your dreams! Do your thing, be happy and keep on jumping hurdles!
Is anyone determined to succeed?
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