Pressure is something everyone deals with. Yes, we all deal with a certain amount. I don’t think there’s anyone on this page who hasn’t felt pressurized. The biggest of all pressures is the pressure to perform

I don’t know if you have ever been in a position where people are relying on you or expecting you to do something. At that point when all eyes are on you, it doesn’t matter if you are Dale Carnegie or not, you must feel that pressure to not fall hands.
There’s the pressure to succeed, to provide for your family, and to do right by everyone. No matter how people say ‘you don’t need to make everyone happy’, there always this pressure to want to make everyone happy. 
There’s nothing bad with a little pressure. In fact, some work better under pressure. Pressure (a little dose of it) makes our minds sharper and faster, hence helping us to be more focused on the work at hand. 
The pressure becomes bad if it’s too much and if you are being pressurized to do things that go against your beliefs. Excess pressure can make you stressed out and hence, you make a lot of mistakes.
Too much pressure affects your mental health and physical health because it has the power to make you have sleepless nights and therefore destroys your concentration level and messes up your mind.
It also has the tendency to make you do the wrong thing. Imagine a situation where you are being forced to do something that isn’t right, you know it isn’t right but everyone is telling you to do it because it’s the only way? I have been in that situation. It’s not something I wish for you.
For anyone reading this who is struggling with an insane amount of pressure, here’s my advice: take one moment to breathe. As difficult as it may be, just try to have a moment for yourself. You could bury yourself in your favourite novel or movie (or do whatever you love), or you can go to someplace quiet and serene just so you can have a lil peace of mind.
The essence of this is so that you can have your personal time to just rewind and think effectively. Think of the problems you are facing and his you have gone about them. After that, sleep. Your body and mind need rest. 
By the time you wake up feeling refreshed, your mind will be able to work better. Try blocking out negative voices and then think of effective solutions to that problem.
We all hear ”you can’t please everyone, you only have yourself to please”. But I’ll tell you this: Concern yourself with doing the right thing because when you do that, you get peace of mind. Doing the right thing can never make everyone happy, but be rest assured that your peace of mind is more important than anyone’s state of mind.

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