I never realized how much I walked alone until one of my friends pointed it out to me. He said, ‘Ozioma, why do you always walk alone?’ I didn’t know what to say! In fact, I was like, Is this guy for real?! I don’t walk alone! I finally said, ‘I didn’t know I walked alone, I just don’t feel it’. He asked why and I said it’s because my mind keeps me company.
There’s a very big difference between being lonely and being alone. If you think I’m lying, try having 9 roommates (FUTO hostel standard) who you don’t rapport with. I’m telling you, you will be lonely. 
Having a lot of people around you isn’t the problem, the problem is connecting genuinely to those people. Many of us don’t know how to stay alone. We don’t know how to keep ourselves company. Do you know why? It is because we are not yet connected to ourselves.
If you don’t enjoy being by yourself, there’s a very possibility that you won’t enjoy being with other people. Lemme be honest with you, I have never actually been bored. My environment may be boring but me, myself and I won’t just get the memo!
Here are tips on how to stay connected to yourself and enjoy being alone.
1) Pay attention to yourself: Find out what you need and how you are feeling in every moment. Ask yourself questions like ‘How am I feeling right now?’ or ‘What do I need to make me happy?’ Please, don’t neglect yourself and your needs.
2) Accept everything about yourself: Accept every good and ‘bad’ thing about yourself. Accept your thoughts and emotions. Accept your creativity and your weirdness. Doing this will help you be more aware of yourself.
3) Try doing things you enjoy solo: It could be strolling, or drawing or whatever. Solitude is a very good way of staying connected to oneself. It makes you contented with yourself.
4) Be kind to yourself: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Love your life, love everything about yourself. Being kind to yourself doesn’t mean that you should stop being self-disciplined, it just means that you should stop judging and criticising yourself.
5) Take care of your spiritual life: At this point, I think we should all know that we are more of spiritual beings than physical ones. I mean, everyone knows the spiritual controls the physical. So take time to build your spiritual life. If you are a Christian, then study your Bible. If you are a Muslim, then study the Quran. If it’s yoga, then do it. Just make sure to stay connected with your spirit.
6) Love nature: The first time I saw the Atlantic Ocean, I was wowed at the sheer beauty of rushing waters. Appreciating the God-made beauties of this world keeps you connected to the earth, and therefore yourself. Spend your time in nature…watch the stars, the rise and the fall of the sun, feel the petals of a flower, etc
There are so many other ways of staying in connection with yourself. But these are the basics. Just learn to acknowledge your feelings, be kind to yourself and grow
your spiritual life. 
Remember that staying connected to yourself is an everyday process and is the first step to enjoying being by yourself and yet not lonely. 
Get connected quickly!
I hope you loved this! Please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section and of course, please share to friends.
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