We usually hear comments like ‘Oh! I love her style!’ But did you also know that so many times when we try to ‘copy’ that style that we oh so love, we look like Winnie the Pooh? (Now I’m thinking of it,Winnie is actually beautiful☺️). My gist is just that a particular style is not for everyone. So the question is, how can I find my style?

I will give you some tips!
1) the most important tip is YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOURSELF. Well, if u do not know yourself and if you are not connected to your being, how will you know style?

2) What do you feel the most comfortable in?
Yeah! Your style has to be comfortable enough for you so that you will be able to wear it with a little bit of sass😋.

3) I think I heard someone say ‘my style is expensive’ well, hold on. You can look very beautiful and chic with a little bit of money. Just go to thrift stores or ‘bend down select’ to buy your clothes. Learn to haggle too😁.
Also remember that you don’t have to dress expensively to look nice.
Finally, your style is the very first thing people notice when they see you. So make sure your style makes an impression!
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  1. Zigie

    03/2020 12:12 pm

    Well, first of all, you have to sincerely be concerned about your look and how you can improve it. then I think you should observe people around you mad know what you like and not like. Try out the ones you like and ….flex it adding a lil touch of yourself!

  2. Zigie

    03/2020 12:13 pm

    U discover your style when you know yourself. Thats the very first step. Know what you like and don't like. Then start trying out the ones you like…and that's it


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