An anchor is something that provides stability. As a person, an anchor is one who provides support, keeps you grounded. An anchor encourages you and makes you know that he/she will always have your back. But what happens when that anchor is wavering?
Okay! This is a little bit confusing! Lemme explain. Haven’t you ever been disappointed in someone who should’ve had your back but didn’t? That’s what I mean! So many times, the people who we think will support us are the ones who fail us.
But, the point of this post isn’t to whine about that. The point is: Are you a wavering anchor? How many times have you said “I’ll support you!” but didn’t do as you said? How many times have you made someone who looks up to you feel stupid? Or like he or she won’t make it? How many times have you let down those who trusted you?
It is very easy to point fingers at someone else. We leave ourselves out while pretending that we are perfect individuals. The two biggest disadvantages of being a wavering anchor are:
1) You lose the trust of the people around you: Trust is very important. It is the most important factor in every relationship. Can you imagine losing the trust of people who once trusted you with their whole heart? Lemme tell you the truth, it will be hard to regain it. 
2) You won’t be taken seriously anymore: Can you imagine a time when your word won’t count as much any longer? God forbid! Imagine a time when nobody cares about your opinions, or when people keep away from you because of “bad vibes”?
Please, If you are going to be supportive, then be supportive! Let people around you know where you stand. Be plain. Don’t say something and do another thing. If you are a friend or mentor or whatever, then be one.
I’m not asking you to support evil (Please, support only causes that are not harmful to all parties involved). What I’m saying is that if you’ve tried to ”reason” with the person and he/she still insists, then it’s your duty to support that decision.
Do you know what I usually tell myself? I will tell you. I’d say “Ozioma, it’s not your duty to understand his/her decision, but it’s your duty to respect and support it”. Because let’s face it, we don’t always understand the decisions people make! But because we are their friends or whatever, it becomes our duty to support them.
Please let’s stop discouraging people. Let’s help their dreams(no matter how silly it is to you) come alive. Let’s not allow doubt to creep in their heart. Let’s keep pushing and pushing.
Let’s be anchors! Anchors that won’t waver! 
Who is willing?
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