Who doesn’t have enemies? If you don’t, raise up your hand…🤔 The truth is, there will always be that someone who doesn’t want to see you progress and do great things with your life. He or she would always be there, waiting to see you fall or trying to sabotage your plans. But, lemme ask you a quick question; Which is worse- the enemy who claims to be a friend, or the one who is obviously your enemy? No wonder the Bible said that our enemies are in our household! They are the ones that we are so comfortable with that we don’t suspect a thing. But as usual, I’ll be bringing this back home to us. 
Did you know that most of us live with our enemies? These particular enemies are so strong that if we overcome them, we will progress so much in our personal dealings. Who are these enemies? They are: Ego, arrogance, laziness, pride, procrastination, gossip, selfishness, to mention but a few. Now, those are the true enemies. They are enemies of progress. They are usually the masterminds behind broken relationships and also the reason why so many of us are lonely. Who wants to stay with an arrogant individual? So many of us do not know this because we are so used to being in their company that we don’t notice that they hate us. Infact, so many of us use them as our defense mechanism! Why? It’s simple because we are ignorant of their wickedness. What are we to do?…FIGHT!
Let’s raise up a standard against them! Let’s pull out our swords and fight like our lives depended on it! Say ‘NO’ to them. It’s a war honey! and there’s nothing like a draw in a war: it’s either you win or your opponent wins. Truthfully, they make us miserable, and who wants to be miserable? Certainly not me! So I will fight as hard as I can and just hope that you join me.
Who is willing to fight this fight?
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