Look at that slim lady. Why do you think she’s seeing someone who isn’t herself in the mirror?
 Self image is generally what you think about yourself- your abilities, your appearance and your personality. It is just the way you view yourself. Many people do not actually know who they are. They either have an inflated or deflated sense of themselves. Some who actually ‘know’ themselves may not be accepting of who they are.

An inflated image of yourself makes you have a superiority complex while a deflated one makes you have an inferiority complex. Both of them are REFRACTED images and are false.


How do I get the right self-image? The secret to this is SELF-EXAMINATION. Have you ever been in a mock examination? The essence is not for your paper to be graded but for you to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve.

Therefore, self examination is critically observing yourself so that you will be able to improve on your weaknesses and also channel your strengths to positive activities that will help you and those around you. To do this effectively, be honest with yourself and also ask for help from honest friends who actually know you. Ask yourself this: ‘Do people see the person I see when I look at myself in the mirror?’ If the answer is ‘NO’, you have a lot of work to do my friend.

One major advantage of examining yourself is that you will have a great knowledge of who you are and so won’t be bothered by the ‘examination results’ others have of you. Of course, we all know that we’re being watched, right? So let’s be careful! Lest we portray the wrong image.
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