Have you noticed that children do not easily give up on what they want? They cry and struggle and stretch out their little hands in an attempt to grasp their object of fascination. I believe that all of us were once children, so why did we let go of this admirable quality? We give up too easily! Think, how many things have you given up on recently? Your relationship? that dream? your family? yourself? We no longer want to work hard and to be held responsible. We are tired of waiting and waiting, forgetting that great things don’t come easily. 
So, how about we learn from children? How about we struggle, even in  tears to reach what we want? Do not give up my friend! Chase after that which you want. Be your biggest fan and motivator. It doesn’t matter if people call your dream impossible or mock you for trying to save that relationship. Just do it! 
There’s this saying that the ‘mountain doesn’t come after Mohammed but rather, Mohammed goes to the mountain’, this is just saying that whatever you want, you have to work for it. If it’s important to you, then you must do all it takes to bring it to reality.
So what if you have chased and it isn’t coming? Then I’d tell you that you either have been chasing it wrongly or you are chasing the wrong thing. 
I’ll have you know that it is important to know the value and importance of what you are chasing and after you have deemed it important, then it is necessary to know when you should change tactics in pursuing it. But, giving up isn’t an option!
Chase after it people!!
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  1. Unknown

    03/2020 4:31 pm

    My mentor when it comes to books and novels, she's a guru…you inspire me a lot baby girl, keep up the good work


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