Imagine seeing this very beautiful dress in the market and thinking ‘Oh wow! I need that dress!’ but almost immediately, you remember that you do not have anymore space in your wardrobe. What to do? Now, you are left to choose- let go of some items, squeeze in the new beautiful dress or don’t buy it at all. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have to always be a dress! It could be anything. The human mind is mostly always like that. It’s too crowded. We usually store things that shouldn’t even have had a space in there. Things like unbelief, malice, hatred, unforgivingness, bitterness, guilt, and so on. 
Using the closet scenario, what do you think it’s the best option? Let us consider all of them.
1) Don’t buy it at all: Some may say, ‘well, what’s the point of getting that?’ They don’t care about getting the dress anymore even if they have a wedding or an event to attend. They’d rather use something old and rumpled to attend. Hmm how is this related to us? You see, many times, due to our stuffed minds, we let go of better things- better opportunities, better relationships and so on just because we are not ready to make space for the new. We are so used to the old that we don’t even know that it is toxic and it is hindering our growth! Don’t let go of that beautiful thing honey! Take it! 
2) We squeeze it in the already cramped space: Some just can’t resist the sheer beauty of the dress so they take it but they look for a very little space and squeeze it in. Now, what is going to happen when you want to wear it? It’d be crumpled! How does this relate to us? In life, when we get hold of that beautiful thing, we don’t usually enjoy the full potential of it. We don’t enjoy it’s beauty. And truth is, we don’t enjoy it because we aren’t equipped to take care of it. We can’t use old methods to take care of new things my friends! So we ‘under-use’ the good stuff. Stop squeezing good things! Give them space to grow and develop.
3) We let go of the old stuff: This is the third and last scenario. Someone might actually say ‘I don’t think I need all these old stuff anymore. Infact, I need a wardrobe change!’ so they empty their closet and get better and more beautiful items. Did you know that most times we are so loyal to lies and negatives that we just can’t seem to move on from them? Instead of cramping the good things or worse, letting go of them entirely, why don’t we get rid of the oldies?
To grow, we need to learn to let go. Let go of that pain, that guilt, that bitterness, that mindset. Just throw it away! The longer we keep these things, the longer it takes for us to come to our full potential. ‘Why?’ Simple! The good things will come around, see the little space you have left and say ‘Oh! There’s so much in here already! I can’t stay here, it’s too small for me!’ and off they go. 
Chase out the old things, make room for the better things and you will see the miracle of detoxing your crowded mind.
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