Two bad habits I struggled with for a long time were overeating and lying down. Crazy, I know. I’m one of those people who can eat so much but won’t increase (thank God for that😏). I ate when I was bored, stressed, angry, in fact, I ate whenever I was feeling too ‘something ‘. As for lying down, damn! I have no idea how that one started but I was ALWAYS lying down. It was like I should carry a bed wherever I went to. 
It was quite difficult stopping them, but I did! And today, I’ll be telling you how I did that.
1) Identify the bad habit: Obviously, before you solve a problem you have to know what the problem is. 
2) Think of specific behaviours you want to adopt: Before going on this journey, you need to be specific about what you need to do. In my case, I just didn’t say ‘I need to stop overeating’, but rather ‘I need to eat only four times in a day, maximum ‘. 
If you keep your clothes carelessly (I did that too), it’s not enough to say ‘I need to change this habit’ but rather ‘I need to always hang my clothes in the wardrobe’. Be specific!
3) Know your trigger! Think of that situation you would be in that will make you feel like biting your nails(it could be any other habit). For example, if you pull your hair when you are stressed, start thinking of ways to reduce stress. Your trigger could even be your environment. If it is, it’s advisable to leave that place.
4) Go slowly! Bad habits won’t doe overnight, so take it easy. I used to use about 6 cubes of sugar when drinking garri. So instead of reducing it immediately, I began to use 5, then 4 and right now, I use 2. Take it, easy friends! It’s a gradual process.
5) Tell yourself the truth! Always think of the negative aspects of your habit. Many times our bad habits give us some level of satisfaction or we use them as coping mechanisms, but let’s never give the ‘positive’ aspects any thoughts. Think of the negative effects.
6) Have a plan in case of relapse: As I said, it’s not a smooth ride. There’d be times when you fall along the way. Please when this happens, be patient with yourself. You need to think about it and know what went wrong. Then, get back up and continue! 
7) Be your own motivator: Push yourself to always do better. Don’t relax! 
We don’t necessarily ‘stop’ bad habits, but rather we replace them with better ones. It is very easy to get a bad habit but we should always endeavour to remind ourselves not to get any other bad habits in the future! Start replacing a bad habit today!
I hope this is helpful! Please remember to leave comments and share to friends!
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